Our policies regarding Specified Commercial Transaction Act.

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Prevention of inappropriate products and mislabeling

In order to prevent inappropriate products and mislabeling, we have implemented various policies in compliance with Commercial Transaction Act. Implemented policies are as follows :-

Selling prices

Selling prices of products in FoodIchiba’s app varies with product type. Selling price of each product is specified in the product screen of the FoodIchiba’s app. Selling price for each product may range from 50 JPY minimum to 10000 JPY maximum. With the addition of “Toppings” and “Options”, additional charges may be added. “Toppings” and “Options” price may range from 10 JPY minimum to 5000 JPY maximum. Price of each “Topping” and “Option” is listed on product screen of FoodIchiba‘s app. “Options” and “Toppings” prices may vary between different products. An order can contain single or multiple products, total price of order varies with the quantity and price of each products. Total order price amount may range from 500 JPY minimum to 40000 JPY maximum.

Delivery charges

Delivery charge may be added on each order, delivery charge varies with the total order amount. Here follows the delivery charge on single Order : -

  • Delivery charge of 380 JPY will be added on Order below 1000 JPY.
  • Delivery charge of 300 JPY will be added on Order above 1000 and below 2000 JPY.
  • Delivery charge of 200 JPY will be added on Order above 1999 JPY.
Delivery charge will be specified on the “Cart screen” and “Order confirmation screen” of the FoodIchiba’s app.

Timing and means of paying the charges

Customer pay the amount when the order is delivered to the customer.

Time at which the products will be delivered

Products will be delivered within 10 minutes minimum to 2 hours maximum after the order is placed.

Revocation / Cancellation of sales contract and refund of purchased products

  • We accept returns on product with any latent defect or if the delivered product is inappropriate. Consumer has the legal right to revoke the sales contract given that the consumer has informed us their decision to revoke the purchase within 8 days after the products have been delivered. Consumer will be fully refunded for the purchase and the delivery charge.
  • We do not accept returns on product without any latent defect or if the delivered product is not inappropriate, in this case we may not refund the purchase.
  • If the purchased product is not delivered to the customer within 2 hours, customer can revoke the sales contract given that customer has informed us within 8 days after placing an order. Customer will be refunded fully for the purchase and the delivery charge.

Contact details

Name: 有限会社ガネーシュインド.
Representative: ナレンドラ パルサド
Address: 〒730-0051  広島市中区大手町5ー丁目6ー16 東邦ビル1階
Telephone number: 082-246-7077

Operating environment for FoodIchiba App

Using FoodIchiba’s app may require downloading and installing software on User’s device. In order to use FoodIchiba’s app, following operating environment is required :-

  • OS type : Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android OS.
  • Memory capacity : Memory capacity of at least 512 MB is required.
  • Hard disk space : At least 200 MB of disk space is required.